Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful Turkey

I got this idea last holiday season from a magazine and we've made it into a tradition. It's not to late to start your own. Meet Tom the Thankful Turkey.

All you need to create Tom are: two different-sized styrofoam balls, felt, two tones of brown yarn, tacky glue, construction paper, toothpicks, and tape.
  1. Shave the bottom off of the larger ball---remember to shave enough so that your turkey will stand upright.
  2. Wrap the larger ball in the darker color of yarn and the smaller ball in the lighter.
  3. Using the felt, cut the shapes needed to give Tom a face. Then, use a few toothpicks to attach the two balls.
  4. Draw feather shapes onto the construction paper and cut out.
  5. TA-DA---you've made Tom the Thankful Turkey!
Now, take a little time each day to write something, anything you are thankful for onto one of the feathers. Tape a toothpick to the back of the feather and stick it in Tom. Have every member of the family do so---even the ones who can't quite talk yet.

By Thanksgiving, Tom will be a very full-feathered turkey and you and your family can take the time to read the things ya'll wrote down over the month! It's a cute way to get your young kids involved and thinking about what they are thankful for.

Take the time to be grateful for all your blessings!


  1. I hope your baby doesn't come before Super Saturday so you can go and knock yourself out! You should be the chairwoman of the planning committee for it! (You know, if you weren't about to have a baby!)

  2. That's a cute idea! I'll have do one next year. :)


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