Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Thanksgiving

What happens when you have a baby right before Thanksgiving and you forgot to get her anything with the 'my first thanksgiving' phrasing on it? (True Story)

Well... you make it of course. With a little muslin, floss, turkey iron-ons, felt, snap clip, and one long-sleeve gerber 0-3 onesie. A crisis can be averted. Your baby will have a onesie and hair clip for a happy turkey day.

Yay for a happy Turkey Day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Charms & Another Headband

I was trying to think of charms that would probably sell in the future. I'm gradually making a stockpile of them to sell. These mushrooms are some of what I was thinking I could sell. And then my fruit blobs, of course. They're my own design and I thought it would be nice to have them in rainbow order to take a picture of them.

Well, I couldn't stop there. I kept on going. First I made other charms like the ninja and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Funny thing about the ninja and animals. I actually made them thinking I would photograph them separately. As time went on I thought that it would be kind of funny to put them in a picture like this together. (I knew that my camera hates taking single charm photos, so this was the best solution really.) I think it actually turned out pretty cute. xD

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are actually charms that I've been wanting to do for a while. I just kept forgetting to do them or ran out of time. I like how they all have individual personalities and their shells.

Coraline's doll actually came to being when I decided that I wouldn't be able to make an actual doll myself. I don't have the money to obtain the materials so this was the next best thing I could do. This is my favorite charm that I've made. I did my best to get all the details that I could into the charm. (Like two holes on the yellow buttons and four on the black ones.) She even has a wire body on the inside to give her more strength. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished her. I didn't think that I could actually pull it off. But here she is! My pride and joy of the charms. ^^

And finally since I'm going to see New Moon on Friday with Jenni, I thought I would make the Cullen Crest as one of my headband attachments. It can slide onto any kind of ribbon and certain headbands. I'm please with how it turned out. ^^ Now I'll be able to wear it with my other Twilight inspired charms. xD

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charms, Charms, Sculpture.

I was coming up with some new ideas for charms that I could sell and this is what happened. First I created a cat, monkey, and then Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I used the same star shaped that I developed while making some Harry Potter charms. The face turned out too big on the cat and I was too lazy to fix it. (Not in the future though. I won't let laziness get in the way of my crafting again.) I still like how they all turned out though. (Oh, and Max has a cute tail. My camera was being stupid and wouldn't get the tail without washing it out.)

After those three I decided to make a bun of snails. Why snails? I don't know. I thought they would be cute and simple. Turns out that I was right. My favorite one is the purple shell with a blue body. The mushroom was just something fun to make. In the future I'm going to make more of them in different colors.

Then when I was done with the snails, I remembered that an Aunt's birthday was last week. We were going to go do a dinner over the weekend but people ended up getting sick. Then we were going to try on Monday but it go rescheduled for this coming Saturday. So I can actually have a chance to give this to her now. My aunt always seems to like the things I make and this seems to fit her.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mini Bunny Amigurumi

Meet the newest addition to the miniature amigurumi. I started this one about a month ago and finally finished it yesterday. I ended up being so busy during last month that I only got the things done that needed to be done. I don't think that this one took too much time to do. It takes about as long to do him as the bigger amigurumi. He's my favorite out of the miniatures

Friday, November 6, 2009

Headband Attachments and a Locket

I've had this feeling for a while that I need to start selling the things that I make. So yesterday I started to make things that I could possibly sell. These four things are what I'm calling headband attachments. You can slip them on any ribbon or headband and wear them. They were all pretty fun to make.

These flowers are known as kanzashi. It's the japanese art of making flowers out of fabric. Usually these flowers are made for geisha to wear in their hair and out of silk. As we can see, I don't have any silk and this is my first time making kanzashi. I actually attached the backs of the petals wrong in the first one and did it right in the second one. I personally will only wear the first one. The second one I made in mind for my 4 yr-old cousin.

This is just three skulls made out of polymer clay and wire. I painted them with acrylic paint and slipped it onto a ribbon. I wore it to school today and someone noticed it. they actually asked me where I bought it. I had to tell them that I made it. ^^

The second one with polymer clay and beaded stars. It's my least favorite out of the bunch. I really like stars and wanted to make something fantastic with them. Unfortunately I don't have any ribbon to sacrifice for it so it came out like this.

This is a locket that I made for my aunt. She decided that she wanted to be a Steampunk chick for Halloween and I thought that this would be perfect. I ran out of time to print the pictures of her kids to glue in there. I also need to figure out how to make it close properly. The next locket maybe. ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful Turkey

I got this idea last holiday season from a magazine and we've made it into a tradition. It's not to late to start your own. Meet Tom the Thankful Turkey.

All you need to create Tom are: two different-sized styrofoam balls, felt, two tones of brown yarn, tacky glue, construction paper, toothpicks, and tape.
  1. Shave the bottom off of the larger ball---remember to shave enough so that your turkey will stand upright.
  2. Wrap the larger ball in the darker color of yarn and the smaller ball in the lighter.
  3. Using the felt, cut the shapes needed to give Tom a face. Then, use a few toothpicks to attach the two balls.
  4. Draw feather shapes onto the construction paper and cut out.
  5. TA-DA---you've made Tom the Thankful Turkey!
Now, take a little time each day to write something, anything you are thankful for onto one of the feathers. Tape a toothpick to the back of the feather and stick it in Tom. Have every member of the family do so---even the ones who can't quite talk yet.

By Thanksgiving, Tom will be a very full-feathered turkey and you and your family can take the time to read the things ya'll wrote down over the month! It's a cute way to get your young kids involved and thinking about what they are thankful for.

Take the time to be grateful for all your blessings!