Friday, November 6, 2009

Headband Attachments and a Locket

I've had this feeling for a while that I need to start selling the things that I make. So yesterday I started to make things that I could possibly sell. These four things are what I'm calling headband attachments. You can slip them on any ribbon or headband and wear them. They were all pretty fun to make.

These flowers are known as kanzashi. It's the japanese art of making flowers out of fabric. Usually these flowers are made for geisha to wear in their hair and out of silk. As we can see, I don't have any silk and this is my first time making kanzashi. I actually attached the backs of the petals wrong in the first one and did it right in the second one. I personally will only wear the first one. The second one I made in mind for my 4 yr-old cousin.

This is just three skulls made out of polymer clay and wire. I painted them with acrylic paint and slipped it onto a ribbon. I wore it to school today and someone noticed it. they actually asked me where I bought it. I had to tell them that I made it. ^^

The second one with polymer clay and beaded stars. It's my least favorite out of the bunch. I really like stars and wanted to make something fantastic with them. Unfortunately I don't have any ribbon to sacrifice for it so it came out like this.

This is a locket that I made for my aunt. She decided that she wanted to be a Steampunk chick for Halloween and I thought that this would be perfect. I ran out of time to print the pictures of her kids to glue in there. I also need to figure out how to make it close properly. The next locket maybe. ;)


  1. Are you saying it's time for Nett to design a logo and for us to get an etsy account? :)

  2. Soon maybe. I need to make a batch of things to sell though. We can't just open an account without anything to sell you know. I also wanted to do some research about Etsy beforehand.


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