Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Birthday Amigurumi

A roommate that I had last year had her birthday this past Monday. She comes over a lot and it's nice to have her over. She always seemed to enjoy the amigurumi that I made. She even threatened to take some of them when I wasn't there. So I finally got around to making one for her.

For this amigurumi I used camouflage, white, and pink yarn. The camouflage yarn gives a nice striped texture to it. It actually gives me an idea for a present for my younger brother this coming Christmas. I just need to get a hold of some yellow/orange/red yarn to do it. ;) I'm not entirely sure how long this amigurumi took to make. I had to rush it since I started making it on her birthday. I think it turned out pretty cute. I almost wanted to keep it myself. xD


  1. I really like the yarn you used. I've never seen camouflage yarn. I'll have to find some of my own.

  2. It's very fun to use. They (yarn companies) even have the pink camouflage version as well.


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