Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Past Craft: Pin the Tag on the Missionary

Sorry about the gap of posts, we had a string of visitors and now our house has been contaminated with sickness. I probably should be sleeping, but I wanted to free myself of the crafting guilt and post a project. :)

I have been crafting in my long absence, so stay tuned. I'm also slowly but surely getting the courage again to think about quiet book which means a post on tips for you and some templates.

Onto the craft!

At church last year, I served as a Primary teacher up until my daughter's birth. One of the lessons was one missionary work, so I wanted to find a cool activity to do with my class (11 year olds). I had an idea for a fun game: Pin the Tag on the Missionary, so I found a drawing of a missionary (sorry I don't remember where I got it) and started from there.
How to play:
Players earn elder tags by doing the activity or answering the question on opposite side. Once all Elder tags are divided then play as 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey.' Player closest to the tag box is the winner

How to Make Your Own:
scrapbook paper, construction paper, poster board, black cardstock, favorite adhesive, a marker, laminator (or access to a local FedEx Kinkos), list of activities (see end of post for ideas)
  1. Cut the posterboard to 11 inches by 14 inches. I did this because I didn't want to carry a huge game around and I wanted it to fit in the laminator.
  2. Design your missionary. Basically, I found a drawn picture of a missionary, printed him off and cut him apart to use as templates for my missionary. I also used my creative license to add a Book of Mormon. Don't forget to draw a tag box on your missionary. Mine is 2 in by 1 1/4 in.
  3. Glue pieces onto board. Now onto the Elder tags.
  4. Open up a publishing software and create the back of the tags. I made 24 2in. x1 1/4 in. text boxes in one document in Word. In each box I have an activity to act out or a question to answer. Print and cut out.
  5. Using your black cardstock, cut out 24 2.5 in by 1.75 rectangles. On one side, write the word 'Elder.' Glue an activity box to the other.
  6. Now you're ready to laminate and play!
My class ended up having a lot of fun playing the game and now it's stored away for when our kids get older.

NOTE: In my sick haze, I can't quite figure out how to upload my 'tags' document, so I'll give ya'll the next best thing, my ideas:

Things to act out:
reading the scriptures, introducing yourself to others, tie a tie, fixing a tire on your bike, riding a bike, cooking a meal, knocking on doors, sewing a button, writing a letter, saving money, ironing a shirt/blouse

Talk about your favorite Church hymn/song.
Tell something you can do to help your testimony grow.
Give someone a sincere complement.
Who is your favorite person from the scriptures? Why?
Share what you could write in a BoM to give to a friend.
Tell why you appreciate Jesus Christ.
Name two ways you can set an example.
How could you be a friend to someone who seems to be left out?
Name a Church magazine/book you could share with a friend.
Repeat and/or explain an article of faith.
Name a Church activity you can invite a friend to.
Repeat and/or explain your favorite scripture.
Name two ways you can be kind to others.
Name a Church video you could share with a friend.



  1. I found the black line . Pin the tag on the missionary game at http://goo.gl/9F86H


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