Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Charms & Another Headband

I was trying to think of charms that would probably sell in the future. I'm gradually making a stockpile of them to sell. These mushrooms are some of what I was thinking I could sell. And then my fruit blobs, of course. They're my own design and I thought it would be nice to have them in rainbow order to take a picture of them.

Well, I couldn't stop there. I kept on going. First I made other charms like the ninja and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Funny thing about the ninja and animals. I actually made them thinking I would photograph them separately. As time went on I thought that it would be kind of funny to put them in a picture like this together. (I knew that my camera hates taking single charm photos, so this was the best solution really.) I think it actually turned out pretty cute. xD

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are actually charms that I've been wanting to do for a while. I just kept forgetting to do them or ran out of time. I like how they all have individual personalities and their shells.

Coraline's doll actually came to being when I decided that I wouldn't be able to make an actual doll myself. I don't have the money to obtain the materials so this was the next best thing I could do. This is my favorite charm that I've made. I did my best to get all the details that I could into the charm. (Like two holes on the yellow buttons and four on the black ones.) She even has a wire body on the inside to give her more strength. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished her. I didn't think that I could actually pull it off. But here she is! My pride and joy of the charms. ^^

And finally since I'm going to see New Moon on Friday with Jenni, I thought I would make the Cullen Crest as one of my headband attachments. It can slide onto any kind of ribbon and certain headbands. I'm please with how it turned out. ^^ Now I'll be able to wear it with my other Twilight inspired charms. xD

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  1. Looks Great! I l-o-v-e the turtles (I hope one of those is destined for me--one for each of us, right?) and crest!


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