About Us

Mule 'n Nag circa July 2012

 Mule a.k.a. Megan

I'm a daughter, sister, artist, writer, aunt, niece, and cousin. This past April, I graduated from BYU as an English major.  Currently, I'm participating in the Disney College Program at Walt DisneyWorld for the second time; I hope to work for them full-time somehow. 

I have always liked to craft along with drawing, reading, and writing. Like my big sister, I like to watch the Cardinals and can be very klutzy.

I guess some things just run in the family!

Nag a.k.a. Amber

I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, sports-freak, klutz, nap-time crafter, theatre-geek, and teacher. I constantly try to do my best and, most of the time, it gets me into trouble (especially in the klutz category).

Just like a lot of the women in the blogging world, I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom who loves to craft (or blog-stalk) during naptime.  My current addiction is pinterest (so many ideas---so little time).

My loves include my husband, our children (2 boys and a girl), extended family, the gospel and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Random Nag Facts {HERE}

About the Blog

We wanted to have a place to share and document all of our crafting endeavors.  Even though we don't post as often as we'd like (or should), we still create.... and create... and create.

If you have any questions, want to blog swap, spotlight us, or want to become a sponsor, please email us at mulenagcrafts{at}gmail{dot}com