Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charms, Charms, Sculpture.

I was coming up with some new ideas for charms that I could sell and this is what happened. First I created a cat, monkey, and then Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I used the same star shaped that I developed while making some Harry Potter charms. The face turned out too big on the cat and I was too lazy to fix it. (Not in the future though. I won't let laziness get in the way of my crafting again.) I still like how they all turned out though. (Oh, and Max has a cute tail. My camera was being stupid and wouldn't get the tail without washing it out.)

After those three I decided to make a bun of snails. Why snails? I don't know. I thought they would be cute and simple. Turns out that I was right. My favorite one is the purple shell with a blue body. The mushroom was just something fun to make. In the future I'm going to make more of them in different colors.

Then when I was done with the snails, I remembered that an Aunt's birthday was last week. We were going to go do a dinner over the weekend but people ended up getting sick. Then we were going to try on Monday but it go rescheduled for this coming Saturday. So I can actually have a chance to give this to her now. My aunt always seems to like the things I make and this seems to fit her.


  1. Why did you choose snails? Because they're awesome! I have 8 pet snails right now. I've named five of them: Slurms, Slytherin, Snelly, Slimer, and George. I need to come up with a name for the other three. They're hybernating for the winter right now. I hope I see them in the Spring. I'm going to tag them, so I can keep track of them next year. I was going to make a blog post about them, but I just haven't yet. So, thanks for reminding me.

    Also, I love your artwork. The snails are awesome! My favorite is the purple body and the green shell. Also, did I tell you my mario mushroom charm you made me fell apart? I was sad. :(

  2. Oh no! Did the wire come out? It can be easily super-glued back in. ;)


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