Thursday, October 1, 2009

Past Craft: Nursing Wraps

I was only mildly aware of this trend when I first had 'J' (what he'll be known as from now on) and by then I already had a blanket which worked rather well. I say rather well because once he could grasp the blanket I had a few awkward Mother's room moments. So, when we found out #2 was joining us I priced check these bad boys, all costing around $40. I knew from the little sewing experience I had, I could beat the price with my eyes closed; the only thing left was to find a pattern.

With the invention of blogging my task became simple because I found template here and here. I did a combination of the two because 1---I wanted D-rings and 2---I wanted it to be reversible. I also changed the length of the boning to 13 inch. 18 inches was WAY too long. The first one took maybe 6ish hours and the second only 3!

So, for the same price as one store bought 'hooter hider' I made four! Now I just have to wait 6 months to use them! ;)

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