Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing Mon-Mons

These are Mon-Mons. I liked the idea of making tiny monsters that were versatile and cute. I came up with this design. The possibilities are endless with the different combination of things on these guys. Everything from faces to poses can be changed. I already have some ideas for Valentine's Day Mon-Mons that I'm itching to start. They're going to be fun. ^^

I accidently used the wrong kind of clay for the bodies. I found out after baking them that I used transparent clay. Oops. This meant the colors are darker and less opaque than expected. I'll make sure to pay more attention to that next time. xD

Crafted by Mule (Megan).

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  1. With each post I see them I love them more. Are you going to sell them or do a tutorial? Be the way I found your blog from So You Think You're Crafty. I like your project even though you got cut. :/


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