Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Mon-Mons

I'm loving making these guys. The personality of the species, as well as each, has been fun to discover as I make more and more of them. Who knew that they would be fans of brains? Who knew that they are mischievous and funny? Writing the descriptions has been an awesome part of this as well. I get to give them their own personality just by writing down a couple of sentences. It's awesome.

You all better be planning on me making more of these guys. I'm really hoping that I'm not the only one that loves them.

Awe. These Mon-Mons are in love. And what a better way to show it than  giving some tasty brains to your soul mate? 

Huh. It seems these Mon-Mons like to call themselves the Analogous Brothers. I wonder why that is?

Uh oh... It looks like the Mon-Mons are hungry. But who's to know that they're the sharing type? One can only hope...
Crafted by Mule (Megan).


  1. Too cute! PS I gave you an award on my blog:

  2. Those are absolutely adorable. My son would love some of them.


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