Friday, February 19, 2010

Dress-Up Tie: For Big-Headed Boys

Sorry about my absence, my little girl was blessed this past weekend and I had a lot of family in town. Since she was blessed, I wanted the rest of the family to look nice too, so what does that mean for Daddy & Toddler? Matching Ties!!!

I didn't have time to visit {this marvelous shop}, so I used THIS tutorial to make my son's tie. I was very excited until I went to have him try it on and I could barely get it over his head AND once it was over his head, it was too big around his neck. For a few minutes I wondered how I would fix this...then three words popped into my head: Sew-On Snaps.

To do this you'll need: a tie, matching embroidery floss, needle, two Sew-On Snaps (size 1)
  1. Follow the elastic-type tutorial, until you measure your little stud's neck. Then do this:
  2. Take the measurement and add an inch to the neck loop of the tie. Then, cut in the middle of the loop.
  3. Blanket stitch the new edges so they won't fray too bad.
  4. On the edge, about an half-inch in, sew on one side of the snaps. Snap the other half back in as an easy way to match it up on the other side, then sew it on. Repeat with second snap.
You've now created a new tie for your little man!

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