Friday, February 12, 2010

A Contest Entry

Here it is. My submission for Red Heart Yarn and JoAnn's crochet/knit contest. As part of the rules, he is made from from eco-friendly yarn. I bought four colors of this kind of yarn. 70% of the yarn is acrylic while the other 30% is made from recycled products. They'll be judging on technicality, orginality, use of color, and quality. I believe that I did what I could in those categories. I had plans to make a little star and heart for him to hold but with how the arms turned out I thought that would be funny looking. He is about 12.5" tall from ear tip to toe and 8.25" wide from hand to hand. Wish me luck! I won't know if I made the top five until the end of March. ^^

Oh, I also made some Valentine's for my roommates. They all seemed to really like them. They're made out of vellum, scrapbook paper, and craft foam.

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