Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mini Ami Dude & Contest

I found my ball of string by chance yesterday and decided to make an amigurumi out of it. This is what came of that. I didn't really have a plan when making him. I like the color combinations of the embroidery flosses and the string. I wanted to do something more with it but this is what came out. I guess that's what I get for not planning ahead. xD He's a little over 3" tall.

And recently I was e-mailed something interesting by JoAnne's. JoAnne's and Red Heart Yarn are teaming up to do a contest. If you use Red Heart's eco-friendly yarn and either crochet or knit your own design then you can enter. The prizes are pretty cool too. A $1000 JoAnne's giftcard for first in both categories and a $500 JoAnne's giftcard for the runner-ups. They are judging mainly on originality, use of color, and technicality. I'm think of making an amigurumi for the crochet half of the contest. I'm going to try to use as many techniques as I can and give it a shot. Wish me luck

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