Monday, January 25, 2010

Headband Holder

After I made my daughter's hair clip holder, I suddenly found that her headband storage became the problem. I knew where the clips where, but not the headband. Whoops. So I made this:

All I did was stain the board from JoAnn's. Then I used extra fabric from a previous project for her room to cover a few extra clothespins (I used fabri-tac, but mod-podge can be used too). Then I hot glued them all to the board and added a couple of sawtooth hangers on the back.

Cute headband storage. Done and done. Now I'll know where to find them.



  1. Those clothespins are too cute! Good job!

  2. Great Idea. Thanks. I"ve been trying to come up with something for my little ones headbands!


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