Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Advent Calendars

Last Christmas season, I felt a overwhelming desire to create more family traditions, so we can have them established 'as long as the kids can remember.' One things I like a lot about Christmas time are Advent Calendars, so I made two.

I spent most of January making this one:
(Click here to get the instructions). UPDATE 2011: The link has been taken down, basically it's a piece of duck cloth, a lot of felt, glue & cutting. Here's a magnetic version from {Say It On The Wall}

If you can't tell, it is Joseph & Mary travelling to the stable over the month of December; once they get there baby Jesus is placed in the stable. I made one for us and one for our dear friends. I also taught a class last month (a couple days before little princess was born actually) to fellow women for their families.

I spent March & one May day to make this one (tutorial found here):

Each day has a Christmas related activity in it. The kids will pull it off in the morning and then we'll do the activity some time that day. Activities include: Christmas Tree Campout, watch Christmas movies, make cookies and give away, etc. I spent time looking for ideas and picked our top 25. Over the years, the activities will rotate days. Some activities are too old for my kids so we'll probably just color and watch old Christmas specials on those days.

All in all, I was really excited to make these and now I'm really excited to use them this month! Now, get crackin' all and create a calendar for your family--- it's not too late!



  1. I was wondering why there was no three on the top calendar. Then, I realized Mary and Joseph are on it. Ha! ;)

    The second calendar is a good idea. You could also put a chocolate in there like the traditional calendars to eat when each day comes.

  2. What are your 25 activities? I need your list to copy for the one I'm making. ;-)

  3. I love the first one!! I'm your newest follower i'd love if you followed me back!


  4. How cute!! I love the one with Mary and Joseph. Thanks so much for linking up to Sassy Sites today! I am loving our sassy party! :)


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