Thursday, September 1, 2011

Millennium Falcon Shirt

As I've said before, my boy is a rather big Star Wars fan. One day, we went clothes shopping and out-of-the-blue, he asks me for a Star Wars shirt. This is how the conversation went:

Knight (what I always call him on this blog): Mama, can I get a Star Wars shirt?
Me (not panicked yet, because that seems do-able): We can look (because we were going to a consignment shop). But, don't you have one? (A Clone Wars one I got at a consignment sale).
Knight: Yeah, but I LOVE the Millennium Falcon. I want one with the Millennium Falcon.

First, I thought it was ADORABLE he was that specific, and then I started to panic. How in the WORLD was I going to find a specific type of Star Wars shirt that was probably sold THIRTY years ago. I know retro shirts are popular, but specifically one with the Millennium Falcon? I knew the odds were against me.

Until, I remembered I was crafty. So, we bought a plain shirt (for $2) and in a couple of days, he had this to wear:

A Custom-made Millennium Falcon Shirt.
Want to make one for your Star Wars fan?

Gather It:

  • Plain T-Shirt
  • Printable Fabric ( I got mine at Joann's a LONG time ago. It was $20-30 for a roll and I've used it for NUMEROUS projects and STILL have LOTS left. GREAT investment).
  • Wonderunder (if desired)
  • thread or sewing machine
  • freezer paper
  • Silhouette or exacto knife
  • acrylic paint
Create It:
  1. Find a picture of the Falcon using googleimage search. Make sure the pixels are big enough so the picture doesn't look grainy.
  2. Follow the directions on your printable fabric to print the Falcon print onto it. (duh). Mine needed to be cut to the right size to fit in my printer. Print and wait for the ink to dry. Follow the rest of the directions to prepare the picture for sewing.
  3. Fuse Falcon to shirt with Wonderunder. OR just sew it on with a straight stitch. I did both.
  4. Use Silhouette (or word editing software) to create the saying.
  5. If using Silhouette, just type and cut with Freezer paper (I use the vellum settings when I cut freezer paper). Be sure to measure the size of the shirt, so the words aren't too big. If using word software, print and trace onto freezer paper. Then, cut out with exacto knife. I did this method before I had my Sil (what I call her), and it worked great too.
  6. Paint with acrylic or fabric paint. Wait to dry between coats. Do 2-3 coats.
  7. Iron an uncut piece of freezer paper to top of shirt to heat seal the paint.
  8. Pull off and let your Star Wars fan enjoy the fastest ship in the galaxy!

I think he liked it.Seriously, he does. He wears it almost immediately after it is washed (nope, the picture doesn't fade in the wash). Just remember to follow the fabrics' instructions on how to launder.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to the galaxy far, far away. The force is telling me, I'll probably blog about it again (especially since my knight--- maybe Jedi Knight is more appropriate now---wants to have a Star Wars Birthday party for his next birthday).

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  1. Awesome! I'm planning a Lego party for my kid and have an idea round up. I'd love for you to link this up.

  2. HA! I'm so in the middle of that right now!


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