Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Take the Money & Run

A new reality game show premieres tonight on ABC at 9/8c. The premise is pretty cool. The contestants have an hour to hide $100,000. After the hour is up, they get arrested and it's up to another team, made up of law enforcements officers, to find it in the following 48 hours. If the law finds it, they keep it; if not, the hiders get the cash.

Working with the law team are two professional interrogators, the only series regulars, and one of them is my Father-in-law. Here's a clip of him at work:

It's really surreal for us, especially my husband. Imagine seeing your step-dad (or Dad or Grandpa) on a reality show and then you might understand how he feels. We've never had a chance to see him in Detective mode. The kids even get excited when they see Grandpa on a commercial. It'll be fun too see him in action.

So, if you need a show on tonight while you work on your latest craft, watch Take the Money and Run.

And ask yourself the question, where would you hide the cash?

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