Saturday, July 2, 2011


I found {THIS} idea and decided it needed to be tweaked to fit me and added to our growing Patriotic Decor. Our TV shelves just looked entirely non-festive.

Wooden Fireworks!

Gather It:
  • Wood--- mine is 7, 10, and 13 inches tall (2x2 wide)
  • Red, White, Blue Paint
  • vinyl/stencils for stars, stripes, and words
  • Drill & bits
  • wire (cut into 9 3-ft pieces)
  • needle-nose pliers
  • pencil or marker
Create It:
  1. All three fireworks need a base coat of white. I used glossy wood stain, but it would be just as easy (probably easier) to use craft (acrylic) paint.
  2. After they dry, choose which one you want to be stars, stripes, and words. For the Stars/Stripes, place the vinyl over it and then paint over any white area you see.
  3. For the white firework, use the negative vinyl as a stencil and paint the words on.
    (I used the Jane Austen font). As always, I'll email you the doc, if you have a silhouette. Yes, I used the church news to protect my table--- hopefully that's not too bad. ;)
  4. Add a few coats and wait to dry.
  5. After dry, drill a whole in the center top for the wire 'whicks,' I used the tiniest bit available.
  6. Holding the firework in one hand and wire in the other, start to fish the wire in the hole. When it gets difficult, use the needle-nose pliers, instead of your fingers. Repeat three times for each firework.
  7. To get the whick curly, wrap the wire (starting from the top) around a pencil or marker (I used a fat dry-erase one). Continue until you get to where the wire and wood meet, then gently pull the marker out. Repeat for the rest of the whisks!
  8. Enjoy your new fireworks! Sure to bring that extra BANG to your celebrations!

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