Monday, September 28, 2009

What Started it all... My Little Knight

About a year ago, my adorable son was about to experience his first Halloween. I had previously made curtains and pillowcases for my living room and decided it was time to branch out try a Halloween costume. Mostly I wanted to try because our mom made costumes for us when we were kids and I wanted to do the same.

After a month of frustration, many seam rips, and crying over my sewing machine, this was the result:
I failed to recognize my son's huge head, nevertheless, I did it. If I remember right it was a McCall Baby Costume Pattern.

As I look back, this project is what started my desire to naptime craft. Since then, I've made a lot more crafts and have a 'To-Do' list a mile long. I'll post pictures of what I've done so far, and continue to do so with my newest creations.

This year, with our daughter coming a month after Halloween, I decided to do something smaller for Halloween... but that's a whole other post.

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