Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Go at a T-shirt Quilt

Sorry for the poor photo quality. I didn't want to dirty it by taking it outside.
 Finally got around to finishing the next t-shirt quilt adventure. I've made one before, but I had a pile of shirts that kept on growing. I wasn't wearing them anymore due to the shirt's being old or I just didn't want to anymore. I wasn't planning on making this now but I had been making some t-shirt yarn from the leftovers of the shirts from the previous quilt that I went on to these shirts to do the same. The quilt just happened.

As you can see this quilt looks a lot different from the other one. A lot of these shirts has so many different sizes of images that the same layout wouldn't work. So I grouped shirts where I knew the images would make the same sized squares or rectangles. I laid them on the ground and knew immediately that I had to fill in the spaces of the rows. I found some old shorts and leftover materials from previous projects and decided to add them to the quilt. People who read the blog might recognize some of them. ;)

This time I decided that I wanted to interface all of the shirts before I sewed them. Not only did this allow me to cut the squares/rectangles nicely, but it stabilized then rather well. There wasn't nearly as much stretching as the other quilt. There was a tiny bit because I was getting lazy and not holding the iron down long enough for the interfacing to adhere completely. Seriously, though. SIX yards of interfacing. Oi.

And I couldn't help but think of someone while I was making this quilt. She passed away in May and was known for making all kinds of things for her family. Quilts were one of the things that she did the most. A lot of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren have one made by her. They're something special now that she isn't on earthy anymore. So I decided to pay a tribute in the bottom right corner of the quilt with some hand-embroidery. Love you, Granni. <3 p="">

Crafted by Mule (Megan).

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