Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Story of Easter Countdown

I love Easter, but not for the 'normal' reasons.  I absolutely LOVE the fact that there is a holiday centered around the resurrection of {Jesus Christ}.  He lives--- and because He lives we will live again--- how fantastic is that?!?!

Anyway, I enjoy the bunny, candy, egg-boiling/dying/hunting/deviling part of Easter too, but we try to focus on the Savior.  That is why my {Easter Subway Art} is focused around the reason we have Easter.

With that said, we (Mr. Nag & I) wanted to do something to help our family remember Christ as we approach Easter each year.  Enter the fabulous idea of The Story of Easter (through Eggs) Countdown--- I really need to work on the title.

I saw this idea last year, in multiple ways and places around the blog-o-sphere and worked on ours just in time to finish for Easter day, so I didn't want to post about it until y'all had the opportunity to create your own.

Gather It:
  • 12 plastic eggs
  • Something to put the eggs in
  • vinyl or permanent marker to label eggs (if you have a silhouette, I'll email you the file)
  • The daily symbols
  • scriptures for each day
 Create It:
Scripture Cards--- Print these out :)
  1. Our local grocery chain (shoutout to HEB goers) has clear egg cartons.  I thought it would look great to use those, so I took my goo-gone and went-to-town on all the 'These are eggs, in case you didn't realize it' stickers.  This was honestly the most time consuming step, which wasn't too bad.
  2. Using vinyl (or permanent marker), label the eggs 1-12.  You can also label the container too, if you so desire.
  3. Print & Cut out scriptures for each day.  The picture is a 5x7 (you need the individual cards to be able to fit in a little plastic egg)
  4. The top of the scripture cards, tell you which symbol to put in the egg with it.  So, now your job is to scrounge around for each symbol.  I found all of mine lying around the house (except for the sacrament cup, which I had to remember to keep--- being a Mom of little ones, it was hard to get one of these to survive the whole meeting block).
  5. Put the scripture & symbol in the corresponding egg.

Using It:
Starting on March 28th (for the year 2012), open one egg each day, leading up to Easter.  Read the scripture associated with the egg and talk about the symbol.  At minimum, we'll read the bold scripture and *IF* the kids sit still, we'll read the others.

I hope this adds a little bit more to your Easter celebrations!

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  1. Lovely information. Thanks for sharing it. Kids will love it on Easter celebration.

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  2. We have a set too, but I've never done it as a count-down, just for FHE. It would make a good part of of mornings.


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