Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attaining Your Goals: FREEBIE

At church, I have the responsiblity to help plan & execute meetings to help the women in our congreation.  I have a few creations from the recent future that I want to share with you.  It's up to us what we want to talk about & this month we decided to focus on GOALS.  It always seems to be the topic of choice for this time of year.

I researched & researched because I really didn't feel like blowing it in front of a group of women whom I respect & revere.  So, I found LOTS & LOTS of information & attempted to gather it into one coeasive book & a couple goal-making worksheets.

We wanted the women to realize making & keeping goals is really easy (okay... who's still reading?) as long as you keep them SMART.  Resource {HERE}.  So, I made a booklet gathering all of the sticking points of the SMART system & combined it with quotes I found from some of our Church Leaders, & highlights I kept on seeing when researching.  I also used AMAZING printables I pinned on my {quotes pinterest board} for extra words of motivation.

Click {HERE} to download the book.  Remember to print it like a book. (not speaking from experience at all... when the book appeared upside-down on one side... yikes).

After you know WHAT kind of goals to make... then you make them!  Write them down using these FREE to download creations--- all I ask is to follow Mule 'n Nag, get us known, please!

Yearly Goals: break down goals into these four catagories and put this somewhere you will see it ALL THE TIME. FYI:  it's meant to be a 5x7 (or 4x6--- can't remember) size, so remember than when printing out. ;)

Monthly Goals:  THEN break down the yearly goals into easy to reach monthly goals (you don't have to work on all four yearly goals every month--- that's why you have all of the months in front of you--- to plan it).

Goals Breakdown:  I got this design/concept/idea from {Buttoned Up}.  I absolutely LOVED how it was laid out, however, I wanted something with a little personal flair & less words on the top.  Break your monthy goals into weekly tasks--- so you can check them off even more.

Even if you don't reach your goals--- you tried--- the journey is worth taking!  Tara over at Tales of a Trophy Wife is spending this whole year doing a {40 by 40} list, she's inspired me so much that I am going to write (and post-- and update) a 30 by 30 list.  I may not get all of it done, but I'm so excited for the challenge!

I link up {HERE}. 

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