Monday, December 19, 2011

FREEBIE: Forever Family Printable

FYI: There are a couple typos in the advent calendar--- it's hard to find ALL of the footnotes at midnight! I got them & re-uploaded (if that's even a word) them. Sorry!

Need a last minute Christmas gift?

It's so hard to believe how FAST December has gone by, my in-laws are coming in town in two days, so I've been working my tail off to get prepared. (It's also the first time anyone is coming to visit OUR house for Christmas, so I'm trying to not freak out too much).

Anyway, I, like a lot of you, have been doing a bunch of gift-making. One of the gifts was inspired by something I found on {pinterest}-- serious addicted to that site-- sheesh!

I loved this & knew I could recreate it with my computer skills for simple Christmas gift.

It's sized for 8x10. Print it out anyway you want & grab a frame to go with it. And you're done!

Merry week-of Christmas! Enjoy it all!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest over at Tales of a Trophy Wife

I'm posting over at {Tales of a Trophy Wife} today as part of her {The Best Thing I Ever Blogged} series. You can even see a couple things I haven't blogged about yet!

Trophy Wife is incredible & I'm stoked she wanted me to participate on her blog! Thanks, Tara!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stories of Jesus: Advent Calendar (Freebie)

I'm a stickler for advent calendars. I made {two} a couple years ago. I love watching my kids get so excited to pull another activity down or move Joseph & Mary closer to Bethlehem.

Updating the title on the second one was the first thing I did with my Silhouette last Christmas.
Last year, a woman from church shared with us the advent her family likes to use, click {HERE}. It basically gives a scripture story from the life of {Jesus Christ} tells you to find the corresponding pictures with the story.

I REALLY liked the idea of having a scripture advent, so I printed off the provided diagram. Upon printing, I discover two things: 1. I couldn't read the print out, 2. Since the publication of this calendar, the numbers for the pictures have changed, so I couldn't find the pictures. Then & there I vowed to make the advent into a book before the following Christmas. A book that would contain the scriptures & pictures for each day all in one place.

It is now the following December, and I made my deadline. Barely. :)

The picture on the cover is called, Gentle Christ by {Del Parson}. LOVE it.

I absolutely LOVE it. For the month of December, this will be our family scripture study. Now, since it's Christmas & I'm so excited about making this, I'm sharing it with y'all. Consider it an early Christmas gift. Just, do us a favor, and follow us. ;)

Since I can't redistribute the pictures, I just included the background of those pages. I used {THIS} page & {THIS} to find most of my pictures. The only story that I couldn't find a picture for was the Three Wise Men page, so I googled it & found one I liked.

Gather It:
Create It:
  1. Print. Don't forget to find the pictures!
  2. Cut off the white trim---optional
  3. Laminate. Use your own or go to your nearest copy center (FedExKinkos, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.) & have them do it. IMPORTANT: When you put the pages together, make sure the scripture & picture are on the same page. Then you can read it like a tradition book or fold it over so the whole family can see the picture while the reader reads the story.
  4. Bind it. While you're at the copy center, get it bound together, so your family can use for years to come. Be sure to get a spiral.

This is my favorite page:Oone of my favorite scriptures about Christ with my favorite picture of Christ; it's called Christ's Love, also by Del Parson. I love the happiness in His eye's and the gentleness of His smile. I hope He gives me this look one day.

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