Friday, April 15, 2011

Poison... Poison Ivy

:batman: This is a gift I made for my cousin. She's totally into Batman, especially the girls. Her favorite is Poison Ivy. I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. This was my first venture is yarn hair for amigurumi. Now I know how much time and yarn it takes to do. I realize it's pretty thick but I figure Poison Ivy likes lush plants so why can't her hair be? :XD: I may use this body patter to do other people in the future, definitely girls with long hair. You can't really tell but there's 30+ leaves individually sewn onto her. That's how I did the bodice.

And on a side note, this is the 50th amigurumi I've put on dA! Who knew? :O_o:

(LOL! Emotes transfer over from deviantART!)

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