Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Night 1-2-3

About a year ago, I read about this idea in the {Ensign}. I knew it would help us improve in having more habitual {Family Home Evening}.

FHE, 1-2-3!

The original idea called for glass jars... FHE Jars. I really want to have glass for something I knew my young kiddos would freqently touch (I kept imagining glass shards flying all across our tile), so I waited to make the craft until I came across the perfect plastic containers. Thank you, Crystal Light!

Supplies: 3 plastic containers (I reused our old Crystal Light containers), larger container to hold them in (I got mine at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section), large Popsicle sticks, 3 sheets of scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, sticky velcro circles, small wooden cutouts (one for each family member) and multiple permanent markers.

To make the containers
  • Cut out a large enough rectangle to wrap around each container (mine are 6 by 8 1/2 inches)
  • Next, lay out some cardboard/newspaper and spray a generous coat around one container. Wrap the rectangle around and repeat for the other two containers.
  • If you have a cutting machine, you can cut out the numbers 1,2,3 for each container. If not, do what I did and cut them out of paper and glue them on.
The activitiesThis is actually the most time-consuming part. Using your judgment (and the Popsicle sticks) write down individual choices for each component. What, I didn't tell you what each container actually contains? Well... let me explain...

The containers hold a different part of FHE. Every week (or the week before after the evening's activity) draw one stick from each container.

Here's how to divide the containers:
1- Songs: In ours, I wrote the song title and the number found in the Children's Songbook. You could also do songs from the hymnbook.
2- Spiritual Thought: Things like family stories or names of books/magazines to get lessons from (such as the Friend, Ensign, Nursery Manual or Preach My Gospel).
3- The Night's Activity: This is where you could have a Family council, testimony meeting or evening at the Pool.

Don't forget the Wild Card in each container. If you have older kids, you could even create the options for your next FHE! We've had a month with this new system and our two year old loves to pick the sticks--- he even tries to throughout the week!

Lastly, stick velcro pieces all around the outside of your large container and on the back of your wooden cut outs (I have stars for our family). This will help you keep track of who's in charge of the three different containers, prayers and treats!

I hope this helps to make your Family Nights run a little easier--- I know ours have!

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