Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Kanzashi

A while ago I decided to try a new craft called kanzashi. I decided to finally pick it up again. I really want to have an Etsy shop and I was trying to come up with something else I could sell in it. Kanzashi came to mind. They are also fairly simple so they are something I can do when I'm not working on my sketchbook. This time around it was also a lot easier to find tutorials on how to do them properly. I also decided to use fabrics that I had around the house and also reuse old clothing for some of the fabric. Yay for being green!

The first one here is one that I made to match a new dress that recently got. I wanted to try this time making a kanzashi that had multiple layers. The other kanzashi that I did before were only one color and layer. I think this turned out pretty o.k. for my first try. I don't think that I'll ever use felt to make petals again though. The petals turn out massive as does the flower. This one is a little bit over 3" wide. It was a nice learning experience though.

This kanzashi started because of the fabric choice. I had an old pair of pajama bottoms that were ripped and the stripes gave me an idea to make a 'Fourth of July' kanzashi. The other thing I wanted to do was to make the kanzashi look like it was a firework blasting off in the sky. Not just because of how the colors are laid out, but also the overall shape. I think that it turned out pretty nicely.

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