Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Started Crafting...

Well, forever ago. Crafting has always been there for me. From small doll clothes to costumes, I liked to make about anything. I would list what I've done but I guess I can show some of my old stuff in pictures.

This is the first amigurumi that I ever made. He's over two years old and resides with a friend now. It was her Christmas present that year. I really like to make amigurumi and have gotten a lot better over the years. Expect to see lots of them from me. ;) Oh, and I'm on a thread on Gaia Online where we have monthly Ami-Alongs. So you'll see at least one from me every month.

These are the first charms I made out of polymer clay, acrylics, and Sculpey Glaze. These are also about two years old and are stored with my other charms. (There are a lot of them.) You'll more than likely see a lot of these in the future as well. =3

I'm currently working on my Halloween costume for the most part. It should be done by the 17th though since I'll be going to an anime convention. That's right; it's a cosplay. But that will have to wait until I get pictures of me in it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What Started it all... My Little Knight

About a year ago, my adorable son was about to experience his first Halloween. I had previously made curtains and pillowcases for my living room and decided it was time to branch out try a Halloween costume. Mostly I wanted to try because our mom made costumes for us when we were kids and I wanted to do the same.

After a month of frustration, many seam rips, and crying over my sewing machine, this was the result:
I failed to recognize my son's huge head, nevertheless, I did it. If I remember right it was a McCall Baby Costume Pattern.

As I look back, this project is what started my desire to naptime craft. Since then, I've made a lot more crafts and have a 'To-Do' list a mile long. I'll post pictures of what I've done so far, and continue to do so with my newest creations.

This year, with our daughter coming a month after Halloween, I decided to do something smaller for Halloween... but that's a whole other post.

Mule 'n Nag

Welcome to our blog!

This is a record of the crafting of two sisters:

Megan (also known as Mule or the 'little sister') and Amber (also known as Nag or the 'big sister').

Right now, this blog will be an opportunity for us to document what we create. It is our hope to inspire each other and those who need crafting help. In the future, we may have tutorials and sales---but we'll cross that bridge if we get to it.

Creation, not perfection, is our goal. We hope you enjoy.